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Heat pumps are energy efficient systems that can both heat and cool your home while helping you save money on utility bills. Heat pumps are more efficient than traditional air conditioning and heating systems since they transfer heat rather than generate it. However, if there is a problem in your heat pump system, these benefits can become obsolete.
The HVAC technicians at Bennett Heating & Air are experts in heat pump repairs and can perform the necessary repairs to get your system working again.
If your heat pump is operating abnormally, there are some ways to troubleshoot the issue before calling a technician. Sometimes, a problem in the system can be solved by following these steps:
  • Start by checking for any tripped breakers or blown fuses.
  • If the system does not run after you reset the breaker or replace the fuse, check for blockages in the outside condenser unit.
  • Look for leaves and debris that may be blocking air flow to the unit and remove them.
  • Check if the outside unit has been disconnected from its power source.
There is a chance that your heat pump still is not working properly after attempting to troubleshoot. That is when Bennett Heating & Air comes in to diagnose the problem and implement a solution. Bennett Heating & Air also offers heat pump installation services for those who need to replace their current HVAC system.
To schedule an appointment with one of our technicians to service your home’s heat pump, or to ask any questions related to the system, call Bennett Heating & Air today!
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Frequently Asked Heat Pump Questions
When should I replace my heat pump?
It is recommended that you replace your heat pump every 10-15 years. This can help to ensure that the system is still running at its peak performance and can help reduce energy.
When do heat pumps stop working?
Heat pumps generally stop working when they become too old or have not been properly maintained. Over time, their components can wear out and fail, resulting in a loss of efficiency.
How much does it cost to repair a heat pump?
A basic repair or minor adjustment to a heat pump can cost anywhere from $50 to $200, while more extensive repairs such as replacing a compressor or motor may cost upwards of $500-$1,000.
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