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A faulty furnace can create higher energy bills and potential gas leaks in your home. Whether it's clogged heat exchangers or a faulty circuit board, our experienced technicians will get your furnace up and running safely and effectively.
Bennett Heating & Air provides furnace repair services to keep our customers’ homes comfortable and safe. We have experienced HVAC technicians who can quickly diagnose and repair problems in your furnace. By familiarizing yourself with the different system components that make up a furnace, you may have an easier time spotting abnormalities in system performance. Detecting and solving these problems early can avoid more expensive repairs in the future.
  • Circuit Board: The circuit board is the brains of your furnace – it controls several components in the system. If your furnace fails to turn on, it could be a problem with the circuit board.
  • Blower Motor: The blower motor is responsible for pushing warm air from the heat exchanger into your home’s ductwork. A malfunctioning blower motor is usually revealed by strange noises, such as squeaking or squealing.
  • Heat Exchanger: The heat exchanger is a metal coil that exchanges heat from the gas-burning flame to warm air. If the heat exchanger has cracked, it can lead to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home.
  • Gas Valve: The gas valve controls the flow of natural gas to the furnace. If this component is faulty, it can lead to a gas leak in your home.
  • Flame Sensor: The flame sensor monitors the flame produced by the burner. If it fails, the furnace will not produce heat.
  • If you suspect any of these components in your furnace are not functioning properly, call Bennett Heating & Air to schedule an inspection and repair. If a replacement is needed, we also provide new installations of top-tier furnaces and heat pumps from Bryant, a leading HVAC system manufacturer.
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Don't let the Cost of a Heating repair leave you in the cold.

Get in touch with us today. We have equipment and financing options which make sense for any budget, and our comfort specifialists will be able to advise you every step of the way.
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Kaye Horton
Kaye Horton
21:36 10 Apr 24
Always very informative. Have always taken care of any problems I might have. Great company that cares about their customers.
Jim Roseberry
Jim Roseberry
22:02 22 Feb 24
The technicians were very professional. They were quick to respond to my problem, and they were quick to get parts and have it repaired.
Beverly Daniels
Beverly Daniels
15:05 30 Jan 24
The guys at Bennett Air and Heat are great! They always come on time and ready to get to work on whatever problem I’m having. They are friendly and knowledgeable. The work is done quickly and completely. This is definitely my choice for Air and Heat service. I highly recommend this company.
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Frequently Asked Heating Repair Questions
Can an old furnace be repaired?
If an older furnace is inefficient and not working as well as it should, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to replace it with a newer, more efficient model.
How to repair a furnace heat exchanger?
If it is an older model or the damage is extensive, it may be best to replace the entire furnace. If the heat exchanger has a crack or hole and is still in good condition, it can usually be replaced.
Why is my furnace not turning on?
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